Ian Burton

​​​​Ian Burton is an independent scholar, author, and consultant. He is Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto, Department of Geography. Ian's major interests are in climate change (especially adaptation), and natural hazards and disasters. He is especially concerned with the use of science in public policy. Recent activities include service on the joint ICSU, ISSC, and UNIDRC Committee for the programme International Research on Disaster Risk and specifically on the project on Forensic Investigations of Disaster.  He has also served as a Lead and Contributing Author on 3 IPCC Assessments and the Special Report on Extremes. He is currently a private member of the Steering Committee for Canada's Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (Public Safety Canada and the Sendai Framework on DRR); a member of the Advisory Committee to the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, and a member of MCII, the Munich Climate Insurance Initiative.

​He may be contacted at:

26 St. Anne's Rd.

Toronto, ON 

M6J 2C1


Phone: 1+416-538-2034

Website: burtoni.ca